Club History

The Figure Skating Club of Omaha, better known as “FSCO”, was formed in 1939 on the flooded tennis courts of the Omaha Country Club with adults as skating members. Today FSCO is one of the oldest skating clubs in the United States whose membership includes both youth and adults. Our group lessons are held at Motto McLean Ice Arena in Hitchcock Park.

FSCO is governed by a Board of Directors elected from the adult membership in accordance with the Club’s By-Laws. Our goals are to encourage the instruction, practice and advancement of our members in all aspects of the sport and to promote a fun, family-like atmosphere!

All FSCO skaters participate in either recreational “Learn-To-Skate” classes or private lessons in the disciplines of freestyle, field moves, dance and pairs. We also offer many specialty classes like power stroking, off-ice jump class, stretch class, curves class, etc.

During the past skating season, FSCO’s more competitive figure skaters participated in numerous competitions around the U.S. They attended non-qualifying competitions (“Pony Express”, “Skate Kansas City”, “Des Moines Invitational”, “Colorado Championships”, etc.) as well as the “Southwestern Regionals” qualifying competition. FSCO co-hosts the Omaha “Winterfestival” competition in late February every year.

In addition to practice and competitions, FSCO skaters enjoy many social events throughout the year, including the annual awards banquet held in June. The club also hosts picnics, parties and group social outings, as well as the annual ice show held each May.

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