As your skater progresses and moves up through and beyond Basic Skills and Free Skate levels, USFS requires that each skater join a home club or elect individual member status. They will also need to be a current USFS member to be eligible for competitions, testing, and other USFS sanctioned events.  Home club membership in FSCO automatically enrolls you as an active USFS member.

Home club membership in FSCO has several other advantages:

  • Use of our club ice sessions
  • Use of our Dartfish system by our Club Coaches
  • Ability to enroll in our on and off-ice classes taught by our Professional Coaching staff
  • A one year subscription to USFS’s Skating magazine
  • Our monthly club newsletter
  • Invitations to our club outings and gatherings, seminars, holiday parties, and our annual recognition banquet
  • Ability to participate in club co-sponsored ice shows and the annual Winter Festival competition
  • Fundraisers that will allow the skater to earn vouchers redeemable for FSCO ice coupons, test sessions, and classes

If your family is interested in becoming members of our club or have any questions, please feel free to download our membership application or use our link to apply and pay for your membership online. If you have any questions, please contact our FSCO Membership Chairperson, Jennie Caplinger.

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