Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how my child is doing in their lessons?

Each child is placed in one of eight skill levels. As new skating skills are acquired, your child will be tested (asked to demonstrate the skills for a level). Successful testing earns your child a colored badge to purchase and a certificate. You can meet your skating coach after class or during conferences we set up during the 5th week of each session.

What can I do to help my child move through the levels faster?

There are several ways to provide extra practice and/or lessons for your child.

  • Equipment: Make sure your child is in properly fitted rental skates or ask us where to purchase figure skates for beginners.
  • Public Sessions: Self-lead practice during public rink time.
  • Club Ice: Self-lead or instructor-lead practice time during FSCO club ice.
  • Private Lessons: Instructor-lead individual lesson during FSCO club ice time. Contact the Learn to Skate Director, registration desk or a specific coach for this information.
  • What is offered once my child completes the Learn-to-Skate Program?

We offer private lessons (competitive or recreational) or other group programs for more advanced skaters (i.e. Skills class, stroking class, stretch class, etc.). FSCO also offers annual ice shows, basic skills competitions, and other exhibitions that your skater may participate in.

Who provides private lessons?

Contact our Skating Director or any of the coaches listed on our site for information on when/where they offer lessons and for their lesson rates. If you are considering private lessons for the first time, we offer an “Introduction To Private Lesson” program that offers lessons at a substantial discount.

When can my child compete or perform a public exhibition of their achievements?

FSCO co-hosts spectacular ice shows for Learn-To-Skate levels and higher each May and November. For the basic skills skaters it is a wonderful opportunity for them to show family and friends the results of their hard work.

There are also many local competitions coaches go to with skaters where they showcase skating routines both to music and without music. You must be in private lessons to participate in an event such as this.

Where do your coaches come from?

Please visit our coaches page to read about our highly qualified and experienced professional staff.

We hope this provides you some basic understanding of our program and what it consists of. If you would like more information about our programs please contact us at 402-896-5747. We will see you on the ice!

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