Instructors & Apprentices

The Figure Skating Club of Omaha Learn to Skate coaching staff are all highly qualified members of the Professional Skaters Association (PSA). We also utilize helpers that are accomplished skaters or apprentice coaches and registered volunteers if we feel a certain class warrants extra adult supervision.

You have a chance to meet your skater’s coach after each class or during special coach/parent conferences during the 5th week of each session. This is a great opportunity to learn about your skaters progress, ask questions, or find out about special skating events such as ice shows, competitions, or private lessons.

We are a year-round program. We offer classes Mondays and Saturdays at Motto McLean Ice Arena and Thursday evenings at Baxter Arena. All classes will be tested for proficiency at each level by qualified personnel. Testing will be scheduled at the mid-point and end of each session. This allows each student to progress from one level to the next at his/her own pace. Also skaters will be given the opportunity to show off the skills they are learning throughout the year. We hold our Winterfest competition in February, Ice Shows in May and November, and other exhibitions throughout the season. We recommend that all students have additional practice time during the week. Progress will be greater with more practice. Figure Skating Club of Omaha offers additional ice time for this. FSCO also offers private lessons to all skaters at all levels.

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