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How are classes organized?

Each Learn to Skate class is 60 minutes in length: 

  • Thirty minutes group instruction focusing on the elements for the particular level as set forth by Learn to Skate USA

  • Thirty minutes supervised practice time when the skater can work on the elements on an individual basis or with friends

During group instruction, skaters are organized according to their level. New skaters ages 3-5 are placed into the Snowplow Sam class, and skaters ages 6 and up are placed are into the Basic 1 class. Adults have their own separate group class.

What is your ratio of children to coaches?


Class capacity is generally considered full at 10 skaters per class. When a level has more than 10 skaters, the skaters are divided by age into more than one group.


Is there an enrollment or registration fee and does it include insurance?

Yes. The $20 annual registration fee, which begins every year on June 1st, is required for all skaters in our Learn to Skate classes. This fee is used to register your skater as a member with the Learn to Skate USA program, as well as provides secondary sport accident insurance. It also includes materials to support every step of your on-ice journey. You can register at any time, but this fee must be paid by you once a year to be enrolled in our program and must be renewed in June, regardless of when you first enrolled in the program. 

Learn to Skate USA membership includes:

  1. Learn to Skate USA Membership Card: Membership is required to participate in lessons and tests associated with the program. It also allows skaters to compete in any Compete USA (basic skills) competitions.

  2. Basic Skills Record Book. This book provides a list of skills mastered in each level of the Learn to Skate USA and helps chart the skater’s progress in the program.

  3. Secondary sport accident insurance.

  4. Parent's Handbook. 

  5. Learn to Skate USA magazine.


What is the length of your sessions?


A typical Learn to Skate class session lasts 6-8 weeks, except in the summer, when we have shorter 4-5 week sessions to allow flexibility for families during summer vacation.

Are your teachers qualified?

Yes, all of our coaches are Rated members of the Professional Skaters Association (PSA) and have diverse competitive skating backgrounds. For more information on our coaching staff, please visit our Coaches' page.

How do skaters advance to the next level?

Skaters are tested by their coach during the middle and end of each session. Please note that improvements vary by skater, so it may take more than one session for a skater to master the skills for their level. Our Skating Director keeps track of each skater's progress and can offer options to skaters that may need additional assistance.

The skater will receive a testing form following the test indicating Pass or Needs Improvement. Passing forms should be turned into the Registration Desk to have their progress recorded for the next session and to receive a complimentary certificate. Badges are also available for purchase for $1.00 per badge. Forms marked Needs Improvement will have notes from the skater’s coach indicating what skills they need to continue to work on in order to master their level. Skaters may keep their forms so they have a reference guide for practice.

You will also have a chance to meet your skater’s coach after each class or during special coach/parent conferences that are held halfway through the session. This is a great opportunity to learn about your skaters progress, ask questions, or find out about special skating events such as ice shows, competitions, or private lessons.

Can we still join your classes after the session has started?

Yes! Skaters can sign up at any time, and the session cost will be prorated for the remaining classes in the session.

What is your makeup policy if we miss a class?

If your skater has missed a class due to an illness or travel, we do offer make-up classes to skaters. The skater may make-up the missed class during any of our other scheduled classes only during the current class session. We cannot extend make-up classes to the next session or issue credit for classes missed by a skater. When you arrive for a make-up class, please notify the registration desk so they can complete necessary paperwork and prepare your skater for their make-up class.

The FSCO Learn to Skate Program follows the Omaha Public School winter weather cancellation policy. If OPS cancels school due to winter weather, FSCO will not hold classes that day. Notification for Saturday class cancellation will be announced on the major television channels and on the FSCO club information line.


Can parents watch?


Yes, there are comfortable seats in the lobby area and bleachers to watch the lessons. For the safety of our skaters, parents are not allowed on the ice unless they are enrolled in our program as an adult skater. In addition, we ask that parents do not stand in the doorway by the ice surface. If you need to talk to your skater’s instructor, please contact the registration table volunteers.

What should my child wear for class?


As with any activity, having the proper attire and equipment will help your skater feel comfortable during class.


We recommend that you have the following items when you arrive:

  • comfortable, non-restrictive clothing that allows movement (athletic wear, stretchy pants, leggings, sweatpants)

  • long socks

  • mittens or gloves

  • a jacket to layer over clothes

  • a helmet for children ages 6 and younger

How do I register and pay for my session?

You can register online or in person using our printed registration form. We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards as forms of payment.

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