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Motto McLean Arena

Baxter Arena

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Blue Coupons are sold in a sheet of 10.  One coupon is good for fifteen minutes of ice time during FSCO freestyle ice.  The blue coupons are to be used with an orange coupon for every fifteen minutes the skater is on the ice after one hour.  Please see the calendar on the website for all freestyle ice time.    

Blue Coupon Sheet: Fifteen Min. per Coupon

  • All freestyle ice time must be paid for in cash, check, or ice coupons.  Walk-on price is $16 per hour or you may purchase coupons at a discounted rate of $11 per hour and $3 per fifteen minutes. 

    To use your coupons: sign your skater's name, time skated, and coupon number(s) into the book at the rink, put your skater's name, date, and time skated on the ice coupon(s) to be used, put the coupon(s) into the envelope by the book.  

    If you have any questions about coupons, please contact us at