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Summer ON-ICE Class: Monday, July 5 (edge/on-ice skills)

Purchase ONE summer on-ice summer class. 

This class is held from 10:15-10:45 at Motto McLean Ice Arena.     

Edge/on-ice skills class is taught by coach Andrea.  This class is an on ice class focusing on quality edges, extension, posture, and turn execution. This class will strengthen the basics as well as work challenging edge and turn combinations.  
Open to skaters pre-freeskate and above. 

Summer ON-ICE class are purchased seperatly. 

Refunds WILL NOT be given for class purchases, with the exception of injury and doctor's notification a the discretion of the Figure Skating Club of Omaha. 

Summer ON-ICE Class: Monday, July 5 (edge/on-ice skills)

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