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Summer ON-ICE Class: Thursday, June 13 (rotations/jump or ASPIRE)

Purchase ONE summer off-ice summer class. 

This class is held from 10:15 - 10:45 at Motto McLean Ice Arena.     

Rotation/Jump is taught by coach Andrea.  This class is designed to increase rotational speed by strengthening fast twitch muscles. Skaters will perform rotational exercises and body weight exercises for both upper and lower body strength.  OR


Aspire is taught by coach Alyssa. In this class skaters will be introduced to the different ice classes. Class types offered will be beginning spin, jump, edge, and powerOpen to skaters basic 3 - freeskate 6. 

Open to all levels of skaters. 

Summer ON-ICE class are purchased seperatly. 

Refunds WILL NOT be given for class purchases, with the exception of injury and doctor's notification a the discretion of the Figure Skating Club of Omaha. 

Summer ON-ICE Class: Thursday, June 13 (rotations/jump or ASPIRE)

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