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FSCO athletes are achieving their goals and accomplishing big achievements both in Omaha and throughout the United States.  We are proud of every one of our skaters. 


Excel Nationals

The Excel National Festival is an opportunity for skaters from beginner through the Excel senior level to participate and compete at a national event.


Michaela Brown

Eleanor Liakos


Michaela Brown



The top four competitors/teams in each division at the regional/NQS level advance to compete at Sectionals. 



Camille Kane and Thomas McClure


Thomas McClure



The Axel is known as figure skating's most difficult jump. It is the only jump that takes off forward and has a backwards landing.  Due to this, it is half a revolution more than all the other jumps.

2023-2024 Season

Sienna Gift

Zoey McPherson

2022-2023 Season

Andrea Dekeseredy

Alyssa Cohrs

Skye Williams

Aaliyah Vallesillo

Gold Medalists

The senior test, or "gold" test, is the highest achievement a skater can accomplish in any particular discipline. The four current types of skating tests are moves in the field, free skating, pairs, and ice dancing. (previous to moves in the field was figures.)  Becoming a Gold Medalist is the result of many years of hard work and dedication.  According to US Figure Skating, only about 3 percent of skaters are at the gold or senior level.  Once a skater passes the senior test, this accomplishment becomes part of their permanent U.S. Figure Skating record, and can be used on a resume or college application.

We would like to congratulate the following skaters who were/are member of FSCO for earning the title "U.S. Figure Skating gold medalist":

Moves in the Field

2023 - Grace Volzke

2023 - Kelsey Hazuka

2022 - Cora Stearnes

2022 - Grace Stannard

2021 - Amber Homan

2020 - Erin Dickinson

2020 - Emily Weiss

2017 - Mia Kawamitsu

2016 - Misa Kawamitsu

2016 - Leah Swaney

2013 - Marlo Lundak

2012 - Lauren Florea

2010 - Alyssa Craig

2010 - Camille Fowler

2010 - Jessamine Turpen

2010 - Bethany Yanak

2009 - Nary Sy

2008 - Emily Johnston

2007 - Megan Roth

2007 - Lyndsy Willet

2005 - Maggie Beller

2004 - Ashley Moeller

2004 - Lauren Rossbach

2003 - Rachel Williams

1997 - Andrea Kunz


2023 - Grace Stannard

2017 - Mia Kawamitsu

2015 - Marlo Lundak

2011 - Alyssa Craig

2007 - Maggie Beller

2007 - Lyndsy Willet

2006 - Lauren Rossbach

2005 - Liyen Vong

2004 - Rachel Williams

1994 - Danielle Ogee


2007 - Lauren Rossbach

1997 - Sarah Stach

1987 - Mindy Costar

Adult Moves in the Field

2020 - Athena Ramos

2014 - Renee Chicoine

2011 - Misty Banks Noon

Adult Freeskate

2014 - Renee Chicoine


1994 - Danielle Ogee

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