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Learn to Skate

FSCO curriculum follows the Learn to Skate USA Program. This program is fantastic as it offers new and existing skaters a chance to work in groups with professional coaches in a safe and fun environment.

All Levels and Ages

The program starts with SnowPlow Sam for tots ages 3-5 and moves through the carefully planned levels of Basic Skills and Freeskate of to allow skaters to feel comfortable on the ice while gaining knowledge needed to advance to any of the next levels of the Learn to Skate USA program.


Why Skate?

It is FUN!  Fun is our first priority but skating has many additional benefits.  Skating helps increase coordination and balance, develop many life skills such as determination, persistence, goal setting, and confidence, and it is a great way increase physical fitness.  Creating new memories and making friends will be the reason your skater asks to keep coming back to this wonderful sport.

Adult Skating

Skating isn’t just for the kids. We offer adult learn to skate classes during the same class time as our child group classes. These classes will teach the skills necessary to join and adult hockey club, participate in adult competition, or recreational skating to keep up with your kid.

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