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Aspire Academy

The U.S. Figure Skating Aspire Program provides a solid foundation in figure skating through the development of athleticism and artistry, empowering skaters to be successful on and off the ice.  The FSCO ASPIRE Academy offers a full training program for the advancing skater,

open to Basic 3 – Freeskate 6.  

Classes are held on Saturday at Motto McLean Ice Arena.  Off-Ice class is from 7:55-8:25 and On-Ice class is from 8:30-9:00.

On-Ice Class

Athletes will train multiple skating topics and different skating disciplines. They will build a solid foundation for continued development and growth in the sport.

Off-Ice Class

Athletes will learn proper warm up and cool down exercises, improve full body strength and flexibility, and train proper jump and rotation techniques.


Parent Education

Explore topics on how to best support your athlete, learn about skating levels, competitions, skates, FSCO, and more.

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