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Theatre on Ice

FSCO is excited for this NEW program!  Theatre on Ice is a unique opportunity for skaters to participate in a group who work together to bring a performance to life by
incorporating a theme, emotion or story, skated to music that allows skaters to be a part
of a team while continuing to improve their individual skating and performance skills.. 


Theatre on Ice will be Saturday at Motto McLean from 11:00-11:30.  

Senior Coaches

Theatre on Ice is coached by a minimum of two of our club's senior coaches.  Take advantage of learning from multiple coaches while they share their skating knowledge.


Expand Your Skills

Skaters have the opportunity to develop dramatic and artistic skating skills while participating different discipline with a different atmosphere of skating.

Part of a Group

The Theatre on Ice group will be composed of 8-24 skaters to perform dynamic skating routines.  What a great way to spend time with other athletes in the sport!

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